Paycheck Protection
Program Loans

[May 5th, 2021] Golden Valley Bank has stopped accepting Paycheck Protection Program loan applications at the direction of the SBA, which has exhausted all available general funds. The program will remain open with $8 billion in funds set aside for community financial institutions (CFI). Participating CFI's can be found here:



Applying for PPP Loan Forgiveness

  • 3508S - Loan amount $150,000 or under
  • 3508EZ - Loan amount greater than $150,000 and below $2,000,000
  • 3508 - Loan amount of $2,000,000 or greater


How to Submit a
Forgiveness Application

Below are fillable PDF versions of the EZ, Standard and 3508S Forgiveness Applications for PPP Loans. You also have the ability to send an electronic version via DocuSign that automatically calculates several areas. 


  1. We recommend requesting the DocuSign version via the form below, especially if you are filling out the standard application.

  2. If you have already filled out your application on your own, it will be accepted as is. Please send your completed application and supporting documentation to your Relationship Manager through DocumentGuardian.

  3. Contact your Relationship Manager to request an application, which will be sent via DocuSign.

Please note: The Bank cannot consider your application for review until all supporting documents have been received. If using the DocuSign application, there is an icon to upload all supporting documents. If you are submitting to through DocumentGuardian, please include all supporting documentation with your application.


Talk to a Banker

Complete a PPP Forgiveness Application through DocuSign

Fill out this form to receive an electronic version of the Forgiveness Application via DocuSign.


Talk to a Banker




Kyle Fales 781-1884 Send Application
Quinn Velasquez 894-4929 Send Application
Tyler Ruloph 781-1892 Send Application
Ray Block 894-4928 Send Application
Mark Francis 894-4920  Send Application



Eric Woodstrom 215-2009 Send Application
Jay Reagan 215-2005 Send Application
Jim Doss 891-4921 Send Application

Economic Injury 504 loan

A Direct Loan from the SBA is applied for and completed online only at this web site:

  • Can be repaid over 30 years
  • May be the way to go if a business does not qualify for enough money to meet their needs under the Paycheck Protection Program above

These programs are subject to change as the agencies providing them interpret the CARES Act.

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